Thursday, 5 January 2012

New beginnings

It's 2012, and time to breathe some life back into this blog! With the end of CPD23, and my increasing involvement with an 'official' work blog, I've been wondering how best to continue with Notes from the Basement, if at all. CPD23 no longer prompts and timetables my posts, and noteable events at work tend to be written up for the Special Collections and Archives blog, which I co-author.

I did think it would be nice to continue writing - in my own voice and in a more informal capacity - about life as an archivist working with rare books, and the kind of work and issues that crop up. Things which may perhaps be too insubstantial for the work blog, but nevertheless may interest others, and aid my own reflective practice. So if you've ever been curious about exactly what I get up to here in the basement, read on!