Thursday, 17 November 2011

Screen capture and podcasts

I'm *very* excited about the prospect of screen capture software such as Jing. This software allows the user to create a video of an activity performed on their computer - a perfect 'how-to' tool for those who learn visually.
Special Collections and Archives is launching an archives catalogue in the new year - a demonstration video, showing how to explore the catalogue, would be incredibly useful and about a million times preferable than trying to describe buttons in words.
This is my first attempt at playing with Jing, to create a video briefly demonstrating our archives catalogue.
To my shame I have never listened to a podcast, let alone made one. The name is misleading and I always assumed podcasts were integral and restricted to ipods and ipads. Having resolutely rejected all things Apple, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this isn't the case, and will have a go at following and downloading some to my MP3 player. Sounds like I need to take a good look at Podwhating, as I clearly don't know the first thing about podcasts!


  1. Hi Alison,

    We use both Jings and podcasts heavily within the LRC at my FE College. We have created Jings to demonstrate to students how to use our OPAC and search one of our e-resources. Our suite of podcasts includes guides on how to judge the quality of websites, basic library terms for students with English as a second language and how to use our computer booking system.

    One word of advice for using either - be prepared for several takes, especially with Jing - the number of times we've had to do several takes because of background noise or the page crashing ... or even us typing a spelling mistake!

  2. Hi Rachel, seems like Jing has a lot of potential for use in a library setting. Demonstrating applications is so much easier for students to take in than giving them a sheet of instructions, but very time-consuming! Great to hear that it's taken off in your library.

    Yes, I can well imagine the fun and games we'll have getting a perfect take!